What are the essential elements before it can be turned into a smartphone jammer?

What are the essential elements before it can be turned into a smartphone jammer?

Now there are some manufacturers who claim to be smart phone signal jammers on the market, and their production and supply of cell phone jammer, although the function introduction is more detailed and fancy, but what is a smartphone signal jammer? What are the main aspects of "intelligence"? Here, we, topsignaljammer Technology Co., Ltd., as a manufacturer engaged in the research and development and production of smartphone signal jammers for more than 15 years, have made some conclusions. We believe that only after the following basic elements are met, can it be called a smartphone Signal Jammer:

1. Each mobile phone signal jammer has an identity ID: the identity ID is unique in the world, that is, each smartphone signal jammer is given unique identity information, and the identity ID can be an IP network based on the TCP/IP protocol. The address and IP network address can be modified according to customer requirements, so that it can be very convenient to access the internal local area network or the external Internet of the unit. However, the MAC address of the network interface on the smartphone signal jammer is unique in the world.

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2. Each smartphone signal jammer needs to have an IC chip with storage function, which can be used to record the working status, identification information, parameter setting and adjustment information of the smartphone signal jammer, etc.

3. Each smartphone signal jammer needs to have a power adjustment function for each frequency module, which can be individually turned on and off for each frequency module, and can identify the real-time working status of each frequency band module, etc.

After the above three basic elements are fully met, we believe that this meets the definition of a smartphone signal jammer in the true sense. As for the introduction of other functions promoted by some manufacturers, we believe that it is only sufficient for the basic functions of mobile phone signal jammers.

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