The pros and cons of buying a cell phone jammer from an e-commerce platform

The pros and cons of buying a cell phone jammer from an e-commerce platform

Some customers, especially some individual users, after consulting us about all the questions about mobile phone signal jammer products, they need to trade and buy on the e-commerce platform. Unfortunately, our topsignaljammer Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional manufacturer of mobile phone signal jammers, only provides our own company's corporate trading account, and does not support transactions on e-commerce platforms. Customers will be wondering, so why do we do this? What are the advantages and disadvantages of customers buying mobile phone signal jammers from e-commerce platforms?

First of all, many current e-commerce platforms cannot always maintain an open attitude towards products such as mobile phone signal jammers. Because mobile phone signal jammers involve some sensitive words, this type of products cannot be effective for a long time. To maintain the status on the shelves, as a manufacturer, we need to make adjustments in a timely manner according to the requirements of the e-commerce platform. In the long run, we will not spend too much energy on this.

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Secondly, due to the fierce competition of products on the e-commerce platform, in order to receive orders, the phenomenon of lowering prices and comparing prices with each other emerges one after another, and the merchants who sell mobile phone signal jammer products are often some dealers who have taken advantage of the e-commerce platform. Or a personal store, just need to analyze, the dealer must have a profit before accepting the order, and the e-commerce platform also needs to have a profit share from the order, then the mobile phone signal device with its own selling price is very low, after multiple profit sharing. After the beach, the production cost that can actually be used in the product will be very low, and the result must be the choice of cheap or low-quality electronic components, and the quality of such mobile phone signal jammer products will definitely not be guaranteed.

Finally, because the sellers who sell mobile phone signal jammers on the e-commerce platform are often middlemen and not real manufacturers, although the after-sales service can be guaranteed by the e-commerce platform, the selection and use of cell phone jammer are very important. In particular, some customized functions are of relatively high technical content. When the e-commerce platform sells mobile phone signal jammers, it can only guarantee the return service, but when encountering technical exchanges, program design, installation and use precautions , failure analysis and troubleshooting, etc., the e-commerce platform cannot provide timely and reliable service guarantees.

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