What are the advantages of SWAT EOD vehicles

What are the advantages of SWAT EOD vehicles

In order to deal with large-scale illegal gatherings, sudden mass incidents, and the task of dismantling suspicious explosives, the role of the special police EOD vehicle is also crucial when these incidents are encountered. The equipment of the special police EOD vehicle adopts ultra-wideband Design, all common wireless signals with frequencies from 20-6000MHz can be shielded, which can not only control communication, but also disable remote control bombs. In addition to shielding 20-6000MHz wireless signals, the SWAT EOD vehicle should also have the following advantages

1. The SWAT EOD vehicle should be equipped with a dedicated power generation system. The power consumption of the interference equipment itself is relatively high. Only with a high-power power generation system can it meet the power consumption requirements for daily tasks.signal jammer.

2. The SWAT EOD vehicle should have a stable control system, which includes the control of antenna lodging and the control of each module switch to meet the control requirements in different usage scenarios.

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3. The antenna installed on the roof has a one-button lodging switch to achieve rapid lifting of the antenna. When the special police EOD vehicle is performing tasks, when the speed is 100km/h, the antenna can be stabilized on the roof, or driving in bumpy conditions. When on the road, there will be no collision between the antennas. At the end of the mission, the antennas are hidden so that the vehicle can perform other tasks.

4. The radio frequency module used by the special police EOD vehicle can be quickly disassembled and assembled. When a certain module is faulty, it can be quickly replaced, and the modules required to quickly achieve the task can function normally.

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