What are the advantages of a built-in antenna in a cell phone signal jammer?

What are the advantages of a built-in antenna in a cell phone signal jammer?

The instrument can actively identify mobile phone signals, and then actively shield the signals to avoid the occurrence of mobile phone signals and avoid interference radiation from mobile phone signals. These are the advantages of cell phone signal blockers. What are the advantages of having a built-in antenna in this instrument? After the following introduction, we know that the built-in antenna is indispensable in this instrument.

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1. The installation is simple, there is no need to install the antenna, it can work just by plugging it in.

2. The antenna is completely exposed inside the machine, so the shielding effect is better.

3. Plastic shell reduces fan heat.

4. Since the antenna is exposed, this method has low power and consumes less power under the same environment.

5. The built-in welding of the antenna is not easy to fall off and can avoid human damage.

6. Easy to move during transportation and use.

The built-in antenna of the signal jammer for cell phone can bring many advantages to the instrument, and can better help the instrument to identify and shield signals between different frequencies, which helps to reduce the power consumption of the instrument and is also beneficial to use in various places. It is an indispensable part.

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