Using Drone Jammers to Combat the 'Black Fly' Phenomenon

Using Drone Jammers to Combat the 'Black Fly' Phenomenon

The phenomenon of "black flying" refers to the illegal flight of unauthorized drones in the no-flying area of drones, which may pose a threat to social security and public order. This phenomenon can be effectively combated using drone jammers.

In recent years, the unprepared emergence of civilian drones has infiltrated all walks of life wherever it is observed. While it brings help to our lives, we have to worry about safety risks and problems that may arise from unauthorized flights. There are many ways to eliminate the potential danger of "black flying" of drones, but drone jammers must have been widely used.

Based on big data processing, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, drone jammer comprehensively use a variety of sound, light, electricity and other technical methods to establish an extensive and almost integrated UAV defense. UAV jammers use technical means such as radio monitoring and positioning, image recognition and tracking, signal suppression and propagation to effectively discover and track, identify and control "black flying" drones.

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A drone jammer is a complex integrated system involving many types and a wide range of industrial applications. The identification signals recorded by the various tracking sensors must be returned to the backend control platform using a large number of bindings. At the same time, the back-end control platform also needs a signal connector to execute interference transmission protection instructions.

At present, the number of drones used is increasing, and it also creates a lot of problems. Therefore, drone jammers have also emerged as the times require and have become an important tool for combating drones. The establishment of UAV defense and protection network can effectively guarantee the low-altitude safety of the region, solve the problem of "black flying" of UAVs, and make the UAV industry develop steadily.

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