How to remove the jamming of the jammer to the cell phone?

How to remove the jamming of the jammer to the cell phone?

Let me talk about the working principle of the full-band frequency jammer first. Generally speaking, the frequency emitted by the full-band frequency jammer interferes with the normal frequency of the mobile phone receiving the base station, so that the mobile phone cannot be connected to the base station, so that it cannot make calls and surf the Internet normally.

Therefore, as long as it is within the range where the full-band frequency jammer is turned on, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom mobile phones cannot be used normally.

But if you want the mobile phone to work normally, unless the mobile phone signal is very strong in the place where the full-band frequency jammer is located, that is to say, there is a signal amplifier in the place of interference. For example, if there is a mobile signal amplifier in the corridor, then it is difficult for mobile phones to interfere. This is also the only way to use a cell phone in the presence of a full-band frequency jammer.

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Of course, you can also try the following methods:

Replace your phone: If the interference is severe, your phone may need to be replaced. Different makes or models of mobile phones may have different levels of immunity to interference, and some may experience less interference.

Place your phone away from sources of interference: try to place your phone as far away from sources of interference as possible, such as on the other side of the room. This reduces the effect of interference.

Use shielding materials: You can use shielding materials around the phone, such as aluminum foil, copper mesh, etc., to reduce the impact of interference.

Adjust the frequency of the full-band jammer: If you have control of the full-band jammer, you can try to adjust the frequency it transmits to find a frequency that will not interfere with the phone.

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