Tianjin uses vehicle-mounted jammers to ensure fairness in postgraduate exams

Tianjin uses vehicle-mounted jammers to ensure fairness in postgraduate exams

In order to ensure the safety and smoothness of postgraduate examinations, Tianjin has adopted measures such as vehicle signal jammers to pay close attention to examination management, strictly enforce discipline and discipline, and crack down on cheating to ensure that examinations are safe and fair.

One is full coverage of high-tech anti-cheating equipment. All test sites are equipped with anti-cheating equipment such as vehicle cell phone jammer, metal detectors, and second-generation ID card recognition devices.

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The second is to strengthen the internal management of the examination room. Strengthen the security inspection of the examination room, combine civil air defense and technical defense, and shut down the wireless network of the test site campus during the examination.

The third is to strengthen the comprehensive improvement of the examination environment. During the test period, expand the warning area around the test site and the restricted area that prohibits parking of unrelated vehicles; park communication jamming vehicles in the test site and equip vehicle-mounted signal jammers to locate and find radio signals suspected of cheating in the test in a timely manner, and severely crack down on collusion inside and outside the test site suspected of using radio equipment Committing illegal activities such as cheating on exams.

According to the "Criminal Law Amendment (9)", illegal acts involving examinations such as asking someone to take the test for you and using communication tools to pass test questions and answers will be severely punished by the criminal law. The Municipal Higher Recruitment Office reminds candidates to cherish opportunities, take exams with integrity, and jointly maintain the fairness and justice of national education exams.

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