Theft by burglars using wave 'jammers'

Theft by burglars using wave 'jammers'

If you have a habit of leaving your vehicle outside or stopping to shop at a gas station, make sure your car is locked as we observe theft using wave "jammers". The technique is not used very often, but it is spreading.

a simple technique

This little device, no bigger than a pack of cigarettes, keeps the remote from interfering with the car. They can be found on the Internet for tens of euros. The malicious person is a few meters away, possibly a simple passerby, and it activates the jammer when you press your key. Therefore, the owner thinks his vehicle is closed, when in fact it is still open. The thief then just has to help himself.

That's what happened to a couple Cédric and Christelle in Houdeng-Goegnies this summer. Early in the morning, Cedric came home from a barbecue with friends and, as usual, used his remote to switch off the car. Woke up the next day with an unexpected surprise: the jammer, gps plotter, cell phone and money were all stolen.

Handheld all in one UAV jammer That Can Interfere with 500 meters


The number of wave jammers seized in prisons continues to increase:
According to Isabelle Gorce, director of the Bureau of Prisons (AP), 27,524 devices or chips were confiscated in 2014. individuals, in the National Assembly, that is almost three times as many as in 2010. beyond,” said the UDI MP. In fact, many small devices cannot be detected by the most common doors.
Ms. Gorce clarified that the 628 DCS 3G cell phone jammer is now installed. But they're not "very efficient," especially with the new 4G networks.
With the resurgence of jihadist threats, 3 million euros (out of a total credit of 181 million allocated to the Ministry of Justice) must be invested by 2017 in car signal jammer more advanced than those currently deployed. The Thales-designed device is currently being tested at two institutions in the Ile-de-France region, and the model should be installed in all French prisons, seal administrator Christian Taubira said on Thursday. The experiment in Ile-de-France "seems convincing," the minister explained, speaking on the sidelines of a trip to the Fresna Regional Prison Service. Initially, from 2015, more than a dozen establishments should be equipped to designate the services of Place Vendôme.

new jammer

The Associated Press has piloted a new siren jammer that it says is better suited to the prison world. In particular, it can interfere with communications in more restricted and targeted areas, thereby avoiding interfering with personnel communications. Because if it is advisable to prevent prisoners from communicating with the outside world out of control - some criminals continue to manage their criminal activities in their cells - then the agency's administrative services must continue to function as normal without the guards seeing their own cell phones become inoperable Use: The whole difficulty lies in intelligently jamming the frequencies your phone uses.
"The final arbitration has not yet taken place," a spokesman for the prime minister's office told Le Figaro. The Thales-made device is under evaluation but has not been formally selected.

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