The role of wireless signal jammers in exams

The role of wireless signal jammers in exams

Wifi blockers have been vigorously promoted and applied to college entrance examinations. When the college entrance examination season comes, wireless signal jammers can be seen in the examination rooms of major schools. Why do more and more schools choose to install this kind of equipment?

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In fact, it only becomes popular when there is demand. It is precisely because the problem of cheating has become more and more rampant in recent years, and the frequent occurrence of cheating makes people frightened. In order to effectively curb the trouble of this fraud phenomenon, this type of examination room is specially designed for Jammers have become very popular, and their appearance has been of great help to many examination rooms. In order to eliminate the phenomenon of electronic signal cheating, more and more people choose to use this method.

This utility model can effectively shield the communication signals of 4G mobile phones, and has the same effective shielding effect on 4G WIFI signals. If someone uses a mobile phone or some electronic products, no messages can be sent or received within this shielding range.

Only in this way Only with the guarantee can candidates work hard in the examination room and have a fair and stable order. Moreover, this detection signal jammer is very quiet when used and will not produce any noise. It also ensures that the examination room needs to be very quiet. At the same time, the shielding method will not cause any harm to the human body, and candidates can answer questions inside with confidence. To choose a professional detection signal jammer, you must choose the right professional manufacturer. There is a good recommendation among them.

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