The most common jamming methods of UAV jammer countermeasure system

The most common jamming methods of UAV jammer countermeasure system

Due to the rampant "black flying" of drones, the "anti-drone" market is gradually taking off and on the right track. With the advancement of technology and the continuous growth of the UAV market, the hidden dangers caused by "black flying" have not been solved for a long time, and the drone jammer countermeasure system developed by the "anti-UAV" industry has In order to specifically target the "black flying" phenomenon of UAVs, the effect presented is particularly prominent. The UAV jammer countermeasure system generally interferes with the UAV by means of signal jamming, sound wave jamming, radio hijacking, etc.

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For example: GPS signal interference, releasing a certain power of directional radio frequency to the drone, so that the drone equipped with the GPS positioning system cannot obtain accurate coordinate data, so it can only hover in the air and sway with the wind; while the sound wave interference mainly The target of the attack is the gyroscope carried by the drone. When the frequency of the sound wave is consistent with its natural frequency, resonance will occur between the two parties, which will affect the normal operation of the gyroscope and cause the flight of the drone to be disordered. The drone crashes; radio hijacking is to gain control of the drone by interfering with the radio frequency between the drone and the operator, causing it to wander in place, fall directly, or return on its own.

From the current point of view, the jamming means represented by the jamming equipment UAV jammer countermeasure system can be said to have achieved certain results in terms of the overall "jamming" capability.

At present, anti-UAV systems at home and abroad mainly use three methods to counter.

1. Signal interference blocking (high cost performance, universal application) Texin Electronics has 10 years of professional experience

①Wireless Electromagnetic Wave Interference: By cutting off the drone’s remote control signal and data transmission and image transmission signals (civilian aircraft mainly: 2.4G/5.8G), at this time the drone will enter the self-protection state after the signal is lost, reaching The purpose of forced landing or driving away of drones.

②GPS navigation and positioning interference: UAVs generally use satellite navigation and positioning systems to locate their own positions, and interference to UAVs can be achieved by blocking GPS signals. At this time, after the UAV loses the GPS signal, it will enter the self-protection state if it cannot accurately locate, so as to achieve the purpose of forcing the UAV to land or drive away.

2. Weapon attack category (not feasible in the civilian field)

Use weapons to carry out targeted attacks on drones to achieve the purpose of directly destroying drones. However, this method requires high targeting accuracy and high cost, and it will also cause collateral losses due to the fall of the drone. Therefore, it is almost impossible to directly destroy the drone in the civilian field.

3. Interception net capture class (difficult to operate)

A final countermeasure would be to capture drones by launching interceptor nets from the ground or from the air. The main methods include: capture net, drone capture, etc. It is commonly used to launch a gun to shoot the capture net, but this method can only be implemented for UAVs at close range, and the accuracy requirements are relatively high. There are also large drones used to capture small drones, and large drones are used to catch small drones with huge catch nets mounted below. However, this method is very difficult to control, and small drones are more flexible in terms of flexibility, so it has not been widely used.

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