The mobile phone signal jammer protects the driving for the test room!

The mobile phone signal jammer protects the driving for the test room!

It is now in the exam season, and schools are intensively preparing for the exam. The arrangement of the classroom and the order of the examination room both trouble the school. The biggest headache for schools is that students should prevent cheating through mobile phones and Bluetooth.

1. Project background

In order to ensure that candidates have a good test environment and prevent cheating using modern communication tools, the school wanted to do a series of signal shielding work for the high school entrance examination examination room. On the same day, the topsignaljammer technical specialist took the mobile phone signal shielding device to the middle school for preliminary test work.

2. Project analysis

1. The school intends to set the third floor of the classroom as the examination room for the high school entrance examination. There are four classrooms on the first floor, and a total of 12 classrooms need to be shielded.

2. There is a mobile signal base station around the school, and the use of mobile phones in the classroom is very smooth;

3. Each classroom is about 50 square meters. We have formulated a ten-channel mobile phone signal shielding plan for the school. This one can shield 2345G and WiFi signals.

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3. Materials used

Cell phone signal jammer host:

High-power 2345G/wifi jammer


Ten-channel indoor antenna

Power Adapter

4. the coverage process

1. Install the whip antenna in the corresponding socket of the host, and remember to tighten it and don't mess it up, otherwise it will not work;

2. Then find a relatively empty location and place the host instead of directly on the teacher's podium. It is recommended to place it on the wall;

3. Finally, power on the power adapter.

Installation Precautions:

Avoid too close to the base station. The location of the host, whether there are obstacles, the wall material of the site building, and the installation height will affect the shielding effect.

5. signal shielding effect

After turning on the mobile phone signal jammer, the results of the on-site test machine are very good. When using mobile phones in every corner of the classroom, it appears that there is no service and cannot connect to the network. The mobile phones cannot normally access the Internet or make calls. China Mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications, including WiFi signals can be blocked. .

In order to avoid cheating in the examination room, the mobile phone signal jammer can fully protect the driving of the examination room. I wish the students excellent results! cell phone jammer can be used in all places where mobile communications are prohibited, such as the military, education departments, government agencies, prisons, and petrochemicals.

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