The Importance of Installing Cell Phone Jammers in Prisons

The Importance of Installing Cell Phone Jammers in Prisons

Today, the biggest headache for American prison managers is not weapons, nor drugs, but mobile phones. More and more prisoners have begun to use smuggled cell phones to conduct illegal activities in prisons, and even contact the outside world to conspire to escape.

prison Break

Last fall, two murderers escaped from a prison in Panhandl, Florida. When the police searched for the prisoners' belongings, they found that they had a mobile phone in the cell. It was the mobile phone that helped them make plans and work together inside and out until the jailbreak was successful. Last year, guards seized 4,200 cellphones from prisons, an average of 11 a day. "The scary thing is that there must be many more phones in the prisoners' hands."

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In Texas, a death row inmate used his cell phone to call John Whitmire, the chairman of the Criminal Justice Commission. "I was shocked when I got a call from a prisoner on death row," Whitmire said. The prisoner held the phone high in the air and pulled it back, saying, "Did you hear it, this is the sound of the prison," which was literally a movie. Whitmire asked him where the phone came from, and he said it cost $2,100. Also said 'I have a charger'.

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The investigation found that the death row inmates used this mobile phone for a total of 2,800 minutes of calls, and shared it with their friends in the prison to use the mobile phone together. The phone bill was paid by the mother of the condemned prisoner. Of course, the death row inmate threatened Whitmire on the phone to kill him.

more examples

California's notorious murderer Charles Manson, the police also found the phone under the mattress in his prison room, and twice. 2 Indiana inmates use cellphones to control and smuggle drugs in jail. A Georgia inmate even used the phone to defraud an old driver into paying a ticket into his account. In Oklahoma, the news has reported that at least 36 prisoners have been identified using their mobile phones to update their Facebook.

The above is enough to see the importance of cell phone signal jammer for prisons.

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