The French government supports the installation of jammers in cinemas

The French government supports the installation of jammers in cinemas

Cell phone signals will be blocked in French cinemas and theaters to prevent devices from interfering with audiences.
The French government supports actions to install signal jammers in cinemas, concert halls and theaters to block signals.
However, it is still possible to make emergency calls and make calls outside of the performance area.

Jean Labbé, president of the National Federation of French Cinemas, said the measure is a “long-term requirement” for cinemas.
The French Minister of Industry Patrick Devedjian supports this approach and the decision of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

Mr. Labbé told Radio France Info that the cinema has invested a lot of money to improve comfort, "The recognition of the jammer is the icing on the cake".
Last year, Dublin cinema owners learned that they had broken the law by installing signal jammer for cell phones.

Handheld all in one UAV jammer That Can Interfere with 500 meters

Ward Anderson, which owns 200 Irish cinemas, installed signal blockers after interference from people talking or receiving text messages became a "problem".
The Irish communications regulator told Ward Anderson's boss that the company owns Savoy and if the company boss does not remove the £ 499 shield, he will be fined € 25,000 (£ 17,200 ). . The company then followed suit.

There is currently no set of laws banning the use of cell phones in UK cinemas or theaters, but Vue Cinemas (formerly Warner Village) has said it is monitoring the situation.

The spokesperson said: "We have received complaints about the use of cell phones in theaters and disturbing audiences, so we are currently investigating the extent of the problem for our customers."
Like many movie theaters, Vue shows short films before the primary function, which prevents viewers from using their phones in the movie.

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