Every audience wants to install a cell phone jammer in the theater

Every audience wants to install a cell phone jammer in the theater

What is your opinion on cell phones in movie theaters - should signal jammer be allowed or is it okay to use cell phones while playing movies?

Here are some comments on the decision.
I think that's a stupid overreaction. Most phones now have a vibrate feature, and I've never really heard someone in a movie theater have a conversation with more than a few sentences. In most cases, they just pinch on the outside.
When I go to the movies I always turn my phone on, but the only person who can ring is our nanny, only when the kids are having problems. So I would really like to know.
Cell phones are a fairly new phenomenon. As a society, we must formulate the rules for the use of cell phones. Just like when you are chatting in a movie theater it will result in your being kicked out, so will answering the phone. There really is nothing worse.

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Chris Smith (Netherlands)
This car signal wave jammer is really a wonderful idea! Let's install them in cinemas, theaters, trains and many other places. If your phone is very important, stay home to answer the call. Don't choose ridiculous ringtones for other long-suffering people, and just keep typing and tweeting.

Sally Mitchell, United Kingdom
I think it's a great idea. Almost every movie I have watched at the cinema has been interrupted by my phone ringing! very embarrassing.

Tiggy Apponyi, United Kingdom
Whether correct, eject, or blocking, people should not be using their cell phones to watch movies / dramas or anything else.

Martin ridgeway
There is no doubt that all cinemas should be equipped with signal jammers, and the sooner the better, the design of cinemas is very simple, people can watch movies, nothing more, if people cannot fail their lives in a few hours of entertainment. , Then they shouldn't be doing this. It's not in the cinema at all, there are a lot of other public places where people just want to chat.

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