The armed police force uses signal jammers to strengthen security

The armed police force uses signal jammers to strengthen security

In order to further promote the implementation of secrecy work and ensure the absolute security of military secrets, the Armed Police Force has taken multiple measures, focusing on education to strengthen awareness, the system to strengthen order, and technology to strengthen prevention. Consolidate the foundation of confidentiality and prevention.

The first is to strengthen confidentiality education and establish a "firewall" of thought. The Ministry insists on incorporating secrecy education into the political education plan, makes full use of typical cases and relevant laws and regulations, adopts centralized education, special counseling, discussions and exchanges, and watching warning videos, etc. Hazards, continuously enhance the safety awareness of officers and soldiers, and build a solid ideological foundation for safety prevention.

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The second is to strictly implement the system and form a management "safety box". Always put confidentiality work on the work agenda as a key and difficult point of security prevention, and integrate it with daily work and life systems. Regularly conduct comprehensive inspections on the specific number of confidential computers and mobile storage media, confidentiality management, and whether confidential documents are classified and stored, and whether they are stored in a centralized manner, so as to timely discover and eliminate hidden dangers of confidentiality. Strengthen the control of mobile phones, fully open the backpack signal blocker, and cut off the leakage of confidential information through mobile phones.

The third is to strengthen information research and create a technical "isolation zone". Strengthen the construction of security facilities, improve security equipment and software such as mobile phone cabinets, backpack signal jammers, shredders, and "label watermarking system and security management system", build a network anti-virus platform relying on the local area network, and strengthen the construction of technical defense measures. Really build a confidential defense line.

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