The 4G mobile phone signal jammer tells you why the 4G network call quality is poor?

The 4G mobile phone signal jammer tells you why the 4G network call quality is poor?

I believe that many people have encountered this situation. The call quality of their 4G mobile phones is not as good as that of older phones. What is causing this? 4G mobile phone signal jammer tells you what's going on!

If the phone call quality is poor, the caller and the called party are difficult to call, the Internet speed is slow, the network is dropped frequently, or there is no signal at all, the problem must be solved.

Now you can skip meals but you can’t have poor cell phone signal, because you can’t pay because of poor cell phone signal, so it’s not annoying to eat. It can be seen that the mobile phone has an irreplaceable status. It may be that someone near you is using a signal jammer to interfere with the communication signal.

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4G network signal difference resolution method:

1. Regarding the problem of poor signal in the early stage of 4G, several users from Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park recently reported that the signal of their 4G internet terminal MIFI products is also changing from time to time.

2. However, one of the users contributed one of his countermeasures: let 4G terminals lock the 4G network, instead of letting it fall back to the 3G or 2G network, this will reduce the poor 4G signal a lot.

3. Whether the signal transmission between buildings is relatively poor, so the signal is not good, so you can install a 4G mobile phone signal amplifier in the place where the signal is poor, so that the problem of poor signal can be solved from the root cause, but you must choose a good quality 4G Cell phone signal amplifiers, if you buy that kind of signal amplifier casually, the poor quality is another pit.

4. You can also restart the phone to see if there is any improvement, but if there is no improvement, consider whether it is a hardware problem.

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