Are there any lightning jammers?

Are there any lightning jammers?

Many signal jammer manufacturers on the Internet are shouting under the guise of lightning protection! Do you believe in the signal jammer of lightning protection mobile phone? The signal jammer does not need another external wireless antenna, and rises to a wide outdoor location. The wireless antenna is all metal material. In addition, the jammer system does not have a grounding device, and the wireless antenna transmits electromagnetic waves. Metallic wireless antennas and electromagnetic waves can receive wireless communication, and then they can receive lightning. It is the most basic mechanism. How can lightning protection be achieved?

How to protect the mobile phone signal jammer from lightning? In fact, just raise an iron bar grounding device higher than the wireless antenna. It is best not to touch the wireless antenna with the iron bar. The current mobile engineering connections generally use this method step. When the thunder and lightning arrives, we can transfer it to the ground, and it is unlikely to be digested and absorbed.

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Generally, the mobile phone signal jammer uses the built-in power supply. If it is subjected to lightning, it may cause the mobile phone signal jammer to be destroyed due to short-circuit failure. topsignaljammer warmly reminds, generally connect the mobile phone signal jammer, no need to consider lightning protection, the probability of destroying the main box due to lightning is indeed too small. In the actual natural environment, the probability of the jammer being struck by lightning is less than one in ten thousand, which is several thousand. The probability that there is one station at most. Especially in environments with low outdoor antennas, there is no need for lightning protection at all.

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