Surrounding signal interference, mobile interference

Surrounding signal interference, mobile interference

Mobile phone signal jammer

There are many different types of signal shield devices for mobile phones, such as handhelds, wearables, and transmitters. The typical shielding range of signal shielding devices for mobile phones on the market is 500 meters. Principle of operation of mobile phone signal shield device: The mobile phone successfully connects to the communication base station because it searches for and interferes with the mobile phone communication signal through signals in several other bands transmitted by the mobile phone signal shield device. can not. To achieve the purpose of not being able to send and receive information and making normal calls.

10 Bands Portable High Power Cell Phone Jammer Jamming GPS WiFi 4G

In fact, the easiest way to block a cell phone signal is to turn on the phone's plane mode. Mobile Phone Flight Mode is a convenient mobile phone signal mode introduced by the manufacturer to satisfy users when mobile phone signals are not allowed.

If you really want to shield the signals of other cell phone devices on certain occasions, you need to use a cell phone jammer.

1. Select the area where you need to block the mobile phone signal and place the cutter on the desk or wall in this area.
2. When the installation is complete, turn on the disconnector and turn on the power switch.
3. After connecting the device, press the power switch and disconnector to work. At this time, all the mobile phones that are turned on in the field are searching the network, and the signal of the base station is lost.

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