Something happened on the coast of San Francisco

Something happened on the coast of San Francisco

The data analyst Bjorn Bergman (Bjorn Bergman) has discovered 9 ships, they are located in the north of San Francisco, California, Point Reyes (Point Reyes) sends out incorrect GPS signals. In fact, these ships are thousands of kilometers from various locations in the Norwegian Sea, the eastern Mediterranean and the Nigerian coast.

The points of failure were mostly oil terminals and government agencies, suggesting that shams can be used to disguise the safety of the crude oil transport or anti-surveillance measures. According to Bergman, manipulation will still take place in four cities (Shanghai, Dalian, Fuzhou and Quanzhou) in May 2020.

便携式手机干扰块 GSM 3G 4G GPS WIFI 信号

Bergman presented his findings at the Flexible Navigation and Timing Foundation's annual meeting on May 5, 2020. He told delegates that he was unsure of the cause of the disruption. Bergman said, "This may just be a strange malfunction in the AIS system, or it can be more serious if some form of GPS tampering occurs."

Professor Todd Humphreys (Todd Humphreys) accepted Newsweek's comments on Bergman's findings, saying that the circle on the corner of Reyes indicated that GPS was deliberately misleading.

"Fast forward to 2020 [and] I think the strange pattern we're seeing ... is the advent of deception devices that work out of the box," he told Newsweek. "If I'm right, you can sell cheap scooters now, then you can bet there will be even more wifi jammer collisions affecting ships, planes, and normal turning in the months and years to come."

Crop circles can also be seen on Strava's global heat map, which tracks Strava users' cycling, running, and other sports. The incorrect data in the fitness app confirm a possible GSM interference problem and no malfunction of the automatic identification system (AIS) on board.

Before Bergman and his colleagues at SkyTruth discovered the "ghost ship" near Cape Reyes, they investigated similar GPS interference in more than 20 coastal areas in China. An article published by MIT Technology Review in November 2019 was one of the earliest reports of this strange cell phone jammer. The data shows that the ship is moving in a "crop circle" and that her actual position is several miles away.

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