5G jammers have been cited in prisons

5G jammers have been cited in prisons

The new minister of the prison Sakjid Singh Landhovo (Sakjid Singh Landhovo) wants to reform the department, wants to install 5G jammers for gps, full-body scanners and sniff in front of the prison dog.

The minister said no one was allowed to carry a cell phone in prison unless the dean forbade it. "If the police are found in prison with a cell phone, the first thing to do is hang up."

The minister had personal experience of the phone threats in prison. He received a congratulatory phone call from a prisoner. At a press conference on Tuesday, he said: "The country's central prison will soon be affected by 5G disruptions. Proposals have been sent to the Federal Ministry of the Interior."

“Now we only have jammers for 2G and 3G signals. If we spend a lot of money installing 4G jammers today, 5G will become obsolete when it comes. So we're trying to install 5G jammers, ”said Randhawa Said, an officer from the prison department after the meeting.

By the way, in the official press release that evening, the government talked about installing a 4G wifi jammer. "Our prison department has three sniffer dogs. We plan to add seven more to check drug and cell phone use in the prison complex."

“To put an end to this situation, the new chief secretary will ask the district police chief to investigate the mobile phone rescue case. Anyone involved in the detention center will be severely punished. And the installation of cell phone jammer will be sped up as quickly as possible.

The minister also stated that 651 prisoners were infected with HIV and the minister stated that the department would improve sanitation in prisons. “We are also planning to introduce health insurance for prisoners. I will also request permanent representation of doctors in prison. The health department only sent doctors to represent her for six months.


Only supporters are allowed to carry cell phones in jail
The minister added that no one is allowed to carry a mobile phone in prison unless the dean has prohibited it. Randhawa said, “If we find someone using a cell phone in prison, the first thing we have to do is hang up. He added that more than 1,500 cell phones were recovered from prison in 2017.

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