Shielding forms and usage precautions of wireless signal jammers

Shielding forms and usage precautions of wireless signal jammers

In the past, wireless signal blockers were used in examination rooms. The method of blocking mobile phone signals was to emit signals similar to base stations, covering the base station signals at a close range, so that mobile phones could not find the base station signals. Even without a cell phone's signal blocking capabilities, other safer and more environmentally friendly detection methods may be used. According to the shape of the shield, mobile phone signal shielding can be divided into omnidirectional and directional types. The omnidirectional type is shaped like an olive, and the directional type is shaped like a fan. Therefore, the shielding range of omnidirectional shielding is larger than that of directional shielding.

signal jammer

The signal jammer emits electromagnetic waves of a specific frequency to suppress mobile signals. If the shielded power is greater than the local mobile signal, the mobile phone will have no signal; if the shielded power is less than the local mobile signal power, the mobile phone will have a signal.

Things to note when using:

1. Install the antenna according to the corresponding logo on the host, and then power on the host (it is strictly prohibited to turn on the power without connecting the antenna).

2. The transmitting antenna of the shield uses an omnidirectional antenna. The effective coverage area is the area that gradually weakens with the antenna as the center of the circle. When using it, pay attention to the correct placement and angle of the antenna to avoid blind spots in the shielding.

3. The wireless signal jammer should be placed in a well-ventilated place, and the antenna should be installed away from large objects, strong heat sources, and strong electromagnetic sources to ensure the shielding effect and long-term stable operation.

4. During shielding work, it is prohibited to stack other items or disassemble antennas to avoid affecting the shielding effect and damaging the machine.

5. When the shield is not in use, cut off the power in time to avoid affecting the normal use of the mobile phone.

A wireless signal jammer is like a signal jammer. The connection between mobile phones will pass through the base station, that is, the mobile phone-base station-mobile phone path. The signal shielding will interfere with the connection path between the mobile phone and the base station, causing transmission abnormalities. The signal emitted by the jammer will only block mobile phone communications, and this signal will remain relatively static and will not affect other electronic devices.

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