Reasons for the popularity of jammers

Reasons for the popularity of jammers

Cook said: "The jammer shop was created to provide a more realistic local GPS jamming environment. If the GPS signal drops, aircraft platforms and drones can judge their performance." "Others are in the United States. The area also provides this. Environment. By directly investing in on-site plans, customers can reduce costs without incurring the logistical costs of deploying these locations."

In recent years, the number of websites that provide "cell phone jammer" or similar devices to block communications and create "quiet areas" in vehicles, schools, theaters, restaurants, and other places has increased dramatically. These devices are sold under different names, such as B. Signal Blocker, GPS Jammer, or Text Blocker. However, they have the same purpose.

Since the advent of technology, GPS has been vulnerable to interference and deception. Although the threat of the enemy's use of GPS jamming technology is mainly reported in Russia, it is one of many countries that develop GPS jamming and anti-spoofing technologies.

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The international conflict monitoring organization Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (SOC) has repeatedly reported that its drone surveillance conflicts in eastern Ukraine are “affected by military GPS interference”, forcing observers to abandon war observation missions.

According to reports, China installed GPS jammer on military vehicles in 2007, and it is reported that North Korea has been jamming the GPS signals of South Korean passenger planes since 2010.

The GPS jammer sends its own signal at the same frequency as the GPS device. This is a noisy signal that prevents useful information from being received or sent in the form of sound waves or continuous waves.

GPS jammers can be bought online, from small lighters to suitcases, from a few feet to hundreds of feet. You can buy a combo jammer that can block your phone for a few hundred dollars.

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