Questions about jammers

Questions about jammers

Questions about jammers When a signal jammer is activated, why is there a phone signal indicating that there is still a signal display? This is a false impression. Actually, the phone couldn't communicate this time. When you press the pull button, you will find a signal indicator for a not-so-small signal.

Is it interfering with other electronic devices?

This is because the signal mover emitted by the electromagnetic signal completely falls within the operating band of the specified mobile phone, so that only the role of the voyeur detector mobile communication is blocked. And this signal is always relatively static and has no effect on electronic devices.

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Are signal jammers harmful to the human body and telephones?

Users make sure that time and space signal jammers are very weak in emitting electromagnetic signal intensities, are under test and certification of WiFi interfering microwave radiation, this data intensities, At the same time, the signal blocker blocks only the forward signal of the phone, so that the phone cannot connect to the base station and the phone itself is not damaged. Is there a difference in the distance used between indoor and outdoor signal jammers?

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