Great signal jammer

Great signal jammer

(It does not have to be 1-40 meters, depending on the distance of the environment) generally refers to indoor distances. In open outdoor areas, the effective distance of the shield up to hundreds of meters. It should be noted that the effective distance of the shield, whether indoors or outdoors, is related to general environmental conditions such as the distance from the base station and the location of the jammer. Therefore, the use of signal jammer takes this factor into consideration so that it does not shield the dead angle and affects the shielding effect. Effective range Wide range signal jammer Same effect as signal jammer for GSM and CDMA mobile phones?

The question is OK. 4G radio jammer CDMA mobile phone has much better anti-jamming performance than GSM mobile phone, so the signal jammer for the shield distance of CDMA mobile phone is smaller than GSM mobile phone, but the difference is about 2-4 meters. is not. However, if necessary, you need to increase the number of field signal jammers to ensure the shielding effect of the CDMA phone, which attracts the user's attention in some particularly important places.

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Super Powerful Interfering Machine Long Operation Signal Jar's work after a period of time after a long time does not damage the machine?

Thank you for your attention, GPS jammers are a normal phenomenon. Design, we use aluminum alloy line drawing machine to help heat heat. Therefore, long-term stable work is guaranteed. Therefore, even if the machine gets hot, it will not be damaged.

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