Purpose of the jammer

Purpose of the jammer

Signal jammers are used in many applications

In recent years, the number of websites offering devices such as "Seljammers" designed to block communications in vehicles, schools, theaters, restaurants, etc. and create "quiet zones" has increased significantly. These devices are sold under various names such as mobile jammers, signal blockers, GPS jammers, text stoppers, etc., but for the same purpose.

Manufacturers of precision-guided munitions no longer take it for granted that simple GPS guidance systems always work on their own. Mobile phone signal jammers and spoofing devices can invade future battlefields. The manufacturer paid attention and answered the threat.

The military and its industry partners are developing various steps to ensure that the bomb hits the target. This means redundant targeting systems such as GPS jammer, laser guidance systems, seekers such as camera-assisted navigation.

Simply put, gsm jammers broadcast noise that overwhelms nearby GPS receivers that rely on weak signals from distant satellites and loses the actual GPS signal. A precision-guided munition about a minute away from hitting a target can have disastrous consequences if it loses its lock.

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Fifteen years ago, jammers were considered the most common and expensive equipment by governments and nation-states. But now, low-cost, low-power jammers are everywhere, riding the wave of cheap and reliable appliances such as Wi-Fi routers and smartphones. Military GPS systems are more elastic than commercial cousins, but there is no 100% guarantee against particularly powerful jammers.

North Korea appears to be jamming GPS jammers using a truck-mounted system that overruns signals from tracking satellites. South Korea cannot locate these signal blocker because the Army runs them at a time for about 10 minutes and then moves them.

However, the news agency specifically mentions tensions between the United States and Iraq as one situation in which its promotional material can help disturbers overcome the country's military superiority. I reported.

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