Jammers thwarted terrorist plots

Jammers thwarted terrorist plots

The bomb that exploded a commuter train in Spain in March 2004, the bomb that exploded in Bali in October 2002, and the bomb that exploded in Jakarta in August 2003 all depended on mobile phones to cause explosives. .. In December 2003, it was widely reported that mobile jammers prevented an attempted assassination of Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf.

When President Bush visited London in November 2004, British police were reported to have considered using jamming devices to protect the president's convoy passing through London.

In hostage situations, police can control when and where prisoners of war can make calls. Police can block calls during drug investigations, preventing suspects from contacting outside the area.

Cell phone jammer can be used in areas where wireless transmission is dangerous (potential explosions), such as chemical storage facilities and grain warehouses.

In an interview, Ch Supt Gavin Thomas, chairman of the Police and Police Association of England and Wales, said wifi blocker (devices worn on ankles and wrists to block the Internet) could serve as a wise punishment for cybercrime rather than prisons. Suggested that there is. "We must stop using 19th century punishment to deal with crime in the 21st century," he said.

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New – Maintaining order at the meeting place

Swiss police were filmed this week in Davos testing a GPS jammer that resembles a giant machine gun as part of the World Economic Forum's security preparations. With members of the world's business and political elites gathering each year, more than 3,000 participants gathered at the ski resort.

In Davos, police were testing to make sure the equipment was ready and could shoot down a drone that could perform secret missions, said managing director Stephen Wicker.

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