Precautions for assembling mobile phone signal jammer

Precautions for assembling mobile phone signal jammer

  The cell phone jammer is a new type of data security product. It uses special electromagnetic signals to generate an interception net on the site where maintenance is needed, so that the mobile phone cannot receive the communication base station data information, and cannot contact the communication base station. Regarding signal jammers, you need to know the following 4 common problems:

Things to do before assembling the mobile phone signal jammer:

   1. Before assembling this special device, you must first properly assemble the wireless antenna according to the logo, and then turn on the switch power to avoid the device from being burned.

   2. Before assembling special equipment, grasp the position of the communication base station, and make the position of the shielding device follow the position of the communication base station as much as possible.

  3. When assembling special equipment, pay attention to whether there are metal materials within 1 meter around the equipment, so as to avoid generating signal reflection surfaces and even affecting the interception effect.

  4. Explosion-proof equipment should be assembled especially in natural environments such as petrol stations and gas stations.

   5. The relative height of the assembly is 1.8-2 meters. It can be placed directly on the table, can be assembled on the wall or on the ceiling, and the wireless antenna and the road surface are straight.

   6. If you assemble in a house, you should pay attention to whether the transmission frequency of the wireless network equipment already in the house will cause the same frequency influence.

  7. Be sure to consider the tolerance and safety distance of the current meticulous instrument equipment in the house against the influence of different frequencies.

   8. If the house is equipped with wifi enhancement and other amplifiers, it is not suitable to assemble the jammer.

  9. Fully grasp the boundaries of the interception area and the non-interception area.


Assemble the mobile phone signal jammer on the spot survey

   1. Mastering the receiving sensitivity on the spot is very important for the assembly of the jammer. Since there are many signals in a natural environment, and the strength of various signals is different, mastering the receiving sensitivity on the spot can purposely make and assemble the shielding device.

2. In the absence of special survey equipment, it is required to grasp the situation of communication base stations near the assembly site, estimate the distance between them, and what communication base stations (mobile, China Unicom, CDMA, 3G, 4G, 5G and other communication base stations), communication base stations are Where is the azimuth of the wireless antenna? Usually, communication base stations in cities are mostly built on the roofs of tall buildings, and iron towers are mostly used in suburbs or rural areas.

   3. If there are special survey equipment, only the receiving sensitivity of several points inside and outside the house need to be recorded in detail.

Three, cell phone signal jammer assembly

   1. According to the results of the survey, effective matching of different signals has been achieved, and the optimal situation has been achieved. The impact level of non-intercepting areas and the impact on nearby communication base stations should be fully considered.

  2. Determine the approximate assembly plan. In the operation assembly process, the main assembly is the local area with strong signal (that is, the local area near the communication base station), and the directional antenna is used to start assembly along the base station antenna.

  3. Considering the floor height of the interception area, because the high-rise signal is better than the bottom, the assembly sequence from top to bottom is adopted to achieve the interception effect.

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