Does the test room signal jammer really work?

Does the test room signal jammer really work?

In order to prevent students from using smartphones to exchange information, leak exam papers, and cheat on exams, some of them are also to prevent teachers from escorting exam papers and leaking exam paper information content to cause unsatisfactory interference in later exams. All colleges and universities Are all suitable to assemble the test room signal jammer? ? ?

The signal jammer is to use the same frequency as the smartphone to read the downlink frequency of the communication base station to carry out the same frequency interference signal. All of them will suffer from the mobile phone signal of the surrounding communication base station and interfere with the shielding effect of the mobile phone. Then how to test the smartphone mobile phone signal of the signal jammer application site? ? ? ?


   Whenever an important exam is encountered, many colleges and universities have already started to prepare the exam room in advance in order to ensure the quality of the exam. In the process of preparing the examination room, there is a very important thing, that is, the assembly of the smartphone signal jammer. However, not everyone can do a good job assembling a smart phone signal jammer. That way, what should I pay attention to when assembling the smart phone signal jammer? In fact, the assembly itself will be relatively simple. However, many small details before the assembly determine the role of the signal jammer behind the test room. how. For example, the environment around the assembly site. There is also a relative height for assembly.

   In order to ensure a better signal effect, it is usually better to assemble 1 meter or more and 3 meters or less under normal conditions. The test room signal shield is relatively small, and can be stabilized on the ceiling or wall with ordinary screws. Naturally, it can also be used immediately on items such as the dining table. However, in this situation, the effect is not very good. After assembling, you also need to check whether all parts are connected properly, and whether there are any problems with parts such as switching power supplies. Finally, plug the adapter into the adapter switch power supply interface of the device, and immediately connect the switch power supply. The next step is debugging. If there is any problem, you can contact the manufacturer in a short time if you find out during the debugging process. As long as it is produced by a reliable manufacturer, it will usually be processed as soon as possible.

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