Prank call jammer installed in a good place Radio jammer

Prank call jammer installed in a good place Radio jammer

You need to install the antenna according to the corresponding identification information on the host and then connect it to the host power supply. The effective coverage of the shield is the circular area around the shield, so be careful of the correct selection of the shield position to avoid the dead end of the shield. Radio jammer nuisance call jammer Install in a good location.

Install the shield in a well-ventilated place, avoid the occlusion of large objects, avoid the strong heat source of strong electromagnetic wave source to ensure the shielding effect, and take a long time to stabilize the work.

When the WiFi jammer is working, you cannot stack other items or remove the antenna to avoid shielding effect or damage to the machine.

10 Antenna Cell Phone Signal Jammer

When the shield is not in use, turn it off so that it does not affect normal phone use. GPS jammer Be careful of water when using the shield outdoors.

If the site area is larger than the effective shielding range, it is recommended to use multiple shielding cellular equipment to ensure the shielding effect. As a result of the power supply, the antenna is dedicated to the host and the factory test run is a one-to-one debug. Please do not use. Drone jammer Try to get good results.

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