Phone jammer pairs are commonly used for confidential meetings

Phone jammer pairs are commonly used for confidential meetings

Everyone hates mobile phones disappearing at inappropriate times, such as movies, classrooms, funerals (especially bad for those who have happy disco ringtones), and of course religious services. Kenyan Muslims are delighted to discover a device that blocks signals from mobile phones.

Imams in Kenya have long complained that their cell phones were constantly ringing and interrupting service during prayer.

Imam Hassan Kitty says he bought the machine in Dubai and was welcomed by the congregation.

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A BBC correspondent in northeastern Kenya said other mosques around the town of Garissa are now trying to raise enough money to buy their devices.

The mosque will be fined $ 3 if the phone rings during worship.

But that didn't solve the problem, Imam Sheikh Abi Aziz Mohammed told the BBC.

"I used to use this tyrannical approach, but it didn't work. Some people were poor and couldn't even afford the airtime. I couldn't expect the amount they would pay." He said.

Probably the most effective way is a cell phone jammer that can block cell phone signals quickly and effectively. Keep the mosque quiet.

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