Buy mobile jammer

Buy mobile jammer

Do you want to buy a cell phone blocker? Here you will learn what jammers can be used for and what you need to consider before you buy.

A mobile phone jammer, also known as a mobile phone blocker or jammer, is a device that interferes with wireless communications such as mobile phone networks, WLANs, and GPS by emitting radio waves. The range is 10-40 meters. The military and government even have models that can interfere with radio signals over several kilometers.

What can a mobile jammer be used for?

Retailers can use jamming devices to avoid comparing store prices. This allows retailers to increase sales.

Interfering devices can also be useful in certain areas where quietness is desired or distractions must be avoided. For example, you can prevent your cell phone from ringing during a movie show or chatting with teens at school.

Criminals can use jamming devices to jam wireless alarms and other wireless connections and prevent the deployment of emergency calls over wireless networks.

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Is mobile phone interference allowed?

The use and trading of such mobile phone blockers is prohibited within the EU. Use may be fined up to € 1000. Penalties can be much higher if the signal jammer interferes with the emergency call. In some European countries, jammers have been approved by the authorities. For example, such devices may be used in French cinemas and theaters. However, in Germany, which is precisely regulated, anyone who wants to use radio frequencies needs an allocation under the Telecommunications Act.

Even the import of such equipment is banned and strictly controlled. The device is then confiscated. In addition, high fines will be imposed.

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