Oklahoma State Prison Encourages Cell Phone Jammers

Oklahoma State Prison Encourages Cell Phone Jammers

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – The Oklahoma Department of Corrections is asking federal lawmakers to allow the use of signal jamming technology on cell phones. US Senator James Lankford is advocating for mobile interference technology in prisons in Oklahoma and across the country. But he said the very powerful mobile lobbyist was resisting him.

The US Department of Commerce said they were bombarded with contraband cell phones used to commit crimes inside and outside of prison. According to Oklahoma, since 2011, DOC has seized nearly 50,000 banned cell phones. Thousands of cell phones enter the Oklahoma prison each year. Gangs use them to stage violent attacks outside the prison walls. Drug dealers use them to intimidate witnesses or threaten disciplinary staff, while predators use them to talk to children.

US Department of Commerce officials told the press that since 2011, dozens of boxes have been filled with nearly 50,000 calls seized from prisoners in Oklahoma. They were taken to the prison kitchen, thrown into the fence, smuggled in on visitation, and smuggled by unscrupulous correctional officers and prison staff. In 2016 alone, correctional officers canceled a record number of nearly 10,000 mobile phones.

This week, Senator Lankford discussed the issue in the Senate. The widespread use of mobile phones brings a lot of convenience to people, but at the same time, there are a lot of problems. For example, mobile phones have also brought many unfavorable factors. Because students are still playing cell phones, cell phone loud voices, and tracking cell phone signal tracking devices. And it is important to avoid the negative effects and reap the benefits, so that sometimes you need to block cell phone signals, such as in classrooms, offices, conference rooms and many others. places where mobile phones should avoid noise.

"When he was in the state, he was a murderer and he used a smuggled cell phone to get other people to distribute meth in northeast Oklahoma. He was calling his cell phone in jail.” Senior Lankford said. At the same time, in order to prevent the use of cell phones in prisons, he believes that the widespread use of cell phone jammers in prisons is very necessary.

Interfering technologies exist in prisons that block cellphone signals, but federal law does not allow this. Instead, Lankford said the FCC only conducted research after research. Because people are not only disturbed by one device, high-power multi-function cell phone jammer are popular around the world, but in many cases, people feel that if they can determine the interference band and the interference range, all Perfect.

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"Do you want to know the latest summary of the study on prison cell phone research and interference? This research has been published and we need more research on this issue," said Senator Lankford.

Joe Allbaugh, director of the Oklahoma State Corrections Service, said he has traveled to Washington several times to try to convince lawmakers to allow people interfering in prisons. He said the technology limits interference in prisons without affecting homes and businesses.

"Most people don't live near the prison. Most of our facilities are rural," Allbaugh said. "Even in Oklahoma, we've lost enough officers across the country because cell phones are bringing in contraband. I want to put an end to that."

In this booming technological age, users pay more and more attention to privacy and space, and with mobile phone travel, communication with each other becomes easier, and users use mobile phone to communicate . But people are also worried about the threats posed by mobile phones. It is therefore absolutely necessary to avoid the threat of mobile phones. We will then be delighted to provide you with the best possible security service protection with all of our high quality jammers.

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