New commercial jammer

New commercial jammer

In February 2011, the United States Federal Communications Fee (FCC) law enforcement agencies issued two mandatory recommendations and published downloadable posters of cell phone and GPS interference to warn consumers, manufacturers and retailers (online businesses only) and the internet unlawful to market, sell, or use the device.

In October of that year, the bureau launched 21 enforcement actions against online vendors in 12 states, accusing them of illegally selling more than 215 different types of radio jammers, including 80 speedy devices that could damage GPS signals.
In the past year, several commercial cell phone jammer identification products have appeared on the market, including the Signal Sentry 1000 from ITT Exelis and the CTL3510 portable GPS jammer from Chronos technology. In 2011, the two companies agreed to jointly develop GNSS jammers. , Detection and Mitigation (IDM) market products.

The proposed fine of $ 31,875 is based on the pilot's alleged violation of Articles 301, 302 (b), and 333 of the Communications Act of 1934 and “interference with sensitive air traffic control equipment protecting the aircraft, resulting in an increase the "Settings" at one. One aspect is "public safety", the other aspect is "voluntarily leaving" WLAN jammers.

4 Antenna Portable CDMA GSM 3G Mobile Phone Jammer

Persistent Issues EEA continues to encounter regular PPD RFIs, all of which are conducted while driving on nearby toll roads, and there are around five activities per day, mostly Monday through Friday. A source said that few of these incidents (including the August 2012 incident) had a significant impact on the availability of GBAS.

The FAA made changes to the LAAS equipment that appeared to reduce the damaging effects of the PPD traveling by NJT, but in this case the RFI source was located near the airport and near the LAAS antenna.

Neither the Federal Aviation Management (FAA) nor the Federal Communications commission (FCC) appear to be able to record all vehicles with PPD that pass through the airport. This is not a problem that is easy to solve. The agency's approach is to warn the public to identify any internet site that promotes the sale of PPD, prohibit their import, and fine anyone who sells or uses PPD.
Federal law prohibits the use of GPS jammer in the United States, and recent enforcement measures reflect the agency's ongoing efforts to prevent such incidents.

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