Multi-faceted selection of mobile phone signal jammers

Multi-faceted selection of mobile phone signal jammers

The first thing to do with the sale of the shielding device is to indicate the site that you need to shield and the size of the area. In addition, the most important point is whether there are mobile signal towers built by communication operators in the surrounding area of ​​300 to 400 meters. It is the model selection that will interfere with the jammer.

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  How to choose a suitable cell phone jammer?

1. Shield the frequency band: Before purchasing, you need to know which data signals you need to shield. The usual mobile signals (2/3/4G) can be shielded selectively. If you only shield 2, 3G or Only 3 and 4G are blocked. This can be changed before shipment. Our mobile phone signal jammer uses full frequency band shielding. If customers need to shield a certain data signal, they only need to assemble the corresponding wireless antenna to the device.

2. Available venues: Regarding the use of shielded venues, if it is used in indoor venues, the shielding device usually suitable for the examination room, conference hall, company office and other areas is a category, and the gas station needs to use explosion-proof heat-resistant; if If it is an outdoor open area, it is necessary to use the signal shielding device with the output power in use to achieve the proper spacing.

3. Appearance: The outer shield can be divided into an external wireless antenna and a wireless antenna in general. Generally speaking, the external antenna is stretched out due to the external antenna. Therefore, compared with the built-in wireless antenna, It occupies a larger area; due to the extended antenna, the effect of the external antenna is a bit more stable.

4. Output power scale: The shielding device can usually be divided into small output power, medium output power, and large output power. The output power is 3W-100W. When we propose that customers choose mobile phone signal jammers, they will be shielded as needed. Depending on the scope.

5. Shielded area: The shielded area is proportional to the output power. Usually, the test room uses a small output power signal jammer. It is enough to assemble one in a classroom, and the shielded area is about 200 square meters; and the large output For high-power shielding devices, the shielding distance can be 300-400 meters, depending on the local magnetic field strength.

6. Body size: Generally speaking, smaller ones are definitely handheld and portable. Relatively speaking, they are small and easy to carry; desktop small output power is usually not very large, similar to small laptop computers; large output power ones It is relatively heavy, and the tow-box type is relatively large.

7. Power distribution: Hand-held lithium batteries are generally used. You can use the adapter to charge after the power is used up; the desktop test room uses 110-220V voltage power distribution, and the vehicle-mounted vehicle usually uses 12-36V. Voltage distribution.

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