Jammers have evolved into military weapons

Jammers have evolved into military weapons

Interfering devices are one of the best tools for blocking signals. With the development of science and technology, signal jammer have evolved into military weapons and have been widely used on the battlefield. Washington-According to four U.S. officials, Russian troops are crowding several U.S. military drones in the Syrian sky, which has serious implications for U.S. military operations. Officials said Russians began interfering with several small American unmanned planes a few weeks ago after a series of chemical weapons attacks on civilians in eastern Guta, dominated by rebels. .. Officials say Russian troops are concerned that the U.S. military will respond to the attack and begin to interfere with the GPS system of drones operating in the area. Senator Ben Sasse hurriedly said in response to Russia's news on Tuesday, "Russia wants to turn around to destroy our interests." According to Todd, director of the University of Texas at Austin's Radio Navigation Institute, Dr. Humphreys said scrambling, including preventing or interfering with drones receiving signals from GPS satellites, is very easy. rice field.

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Fortunately, President Jacob Zuma said in his response to parliamentary debate on this week's State of the Union address that I should continue to appeal freely. Sitting here, in the dark corners of Redwood Ridge, we often hug us tightly like the president and insult those who try to disturb us with false nonsense. But beyond that, Zuma urged his government to respect Article 16 of the Constitution. It is part of guaranteeing the freedom of our association, speech and media. This embarrassing and unfair attempt is a promise made after blocking our cell phone in front of SONA.
Zuma applauded: "The security team solved and clarified a problem related to gps blocker in the house signal distribution last Thursday." "This is an unfortunate incident and will never happen again in the future." Exactly the same opinion. is. Everything is very Korean, right? If North Koreans are allowed to own a cell phone, it will be in the past. So it won't happen again. Point-to-point etc. But the problem for us is that the security team is presumed to have solved the problem in a meaningful or satisfying way. They don't. Former security minister Ronnie Kasrils said at a press conference Thursday that public security minister David Marrobo explained "tactical surveillance measures" that caused "interference" in cell phone signals. Intelligence. You can be as reliable as the excuse that "the dog ate my homework".

A company called CellAntenna continues to try to expand its product line by taking advantage of the problem of cell phone smuggling in prisons. Unfortunately, many people (especially prison guards) continue to gain momentum because they want them to believe that new technology tools can solve their problems. A group of prison guards not only filed a petition for rule-making with the FCC, but also upheld a bill requiring the FCC to allow mobile phones to interfere with prisons. For general information about CellAntenna, you can find out how to monetize using a prison security hole in Cellantenna and why this isn't appropriate. In addition, I sent this letter (press release here) to President Rockefeller and the Ranking Reconciliation members in preparation for the Senate hearing on tomorrow's issues. He also arranged with Harold Feld for another 5 minutes to briefly explain why this is a very bad idea.

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