Jammers are used in different countries

Jammers are used in different countries

If you have a national license, Japan allows you to install jamming devices in public places such as theaters and concert halls. Unless there is an emergency call, the French Minister of Industry has decided to set up a cinema, concert hall and theater with her jammer.

Schools in China and India use car gps blocker to thwart scammers. Mexico allows riots in churches and hospitals. The main client's bank wants to prevent potential burgers from contacting employees and plans to use the Mexican government in prison. Pakistan was allowed to blockade banks and libraries.

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Canada believes this can be avoided under similar circumstances. However, the Ministry of Industry of Canada is responsible for overseeing telecommunications activities in Canada, saying that the device could violate personal freedom and impact security and law enforcement agencies to undermine public safety. We have decided to oppose this initiative.

Dozens of countries, including Canada, Mexico, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Turkey and others, have allowed police and prisoners to use interference.

Most countries, including the United States, use signal jammer to limit calls from bombing government officials. When President Obama took off on Pennsylvania Avenue after taking office, all mobile phones in the area were blocked. The US military is using jamming devices to thwart Iraqi street bombs. Of course, there are other uses for jammers as well.

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