Jammer mobile phone jammer

Jammer mobile phone jammer

3G / 4G Telephone signal blocker with Good Heat Dissipation Telephone Signal Interference, Information Security Products Developed by Personnel Using Modern High-Tech Communication Mechanisms, Detailed Analysis, Comprehensive Comparison of Electromagnetic Radiation Suppression Methods, We have complete independent intellectual sovereignty, which is our scientific research. It can form a protective electromagnetic field around you, because it effectively prevents cell phone leaks

38W 16 Bands  Adjustable Desktop Cell Phone Jammer GPS WIFI Blocker

Eliminate noise pollution generated from mobile phone jammers Slow start circuit technology: Soft start circuit can avoid the phenomenon generated by mechanical switch, highly integrated stable sparks.

Small jammer without long interruptions High quality component equipment, metal, good heat dissipation works and can be 7x24 hours for a long time without damaging the performance of the device. Only valid segments have no downlink interference, no machine frequency cutoff.

CDMA output port: 870 ~ is 880MHz

GSM output port: 935-960MHz

DCS / PHS output port: 1805 to 1920MHz

3G output port: 2010-2025MHz

3G output port: 2110-2145MHz

4G output port: 2300-2370MHz

4G output port: 2555 to 2655MHz

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