It turns out that 6G communication is like this!

It turns out that 6G communication is like this!

With the widespread deployment and landing of 5G, the evolution of wireless communication networks has shifted to 6G, and a reasonable prediction and construction of the sixth-generation wireless panorama is a prerequisite for guiding the direction of 6G research. During the MWCS in 2021, Bell Labs released the "6G Communication White Paper" to analyze the future communication evolution direction in life and work, and discuss the general trend of mobile communication changes.

01. "Digital twins" spawn new needs for 6G

Facing the background of the era of 2030, "digital twins" are on the arrow, and will penetrate all aspects of our daily lives, from daily life to production and consumption, from vertical industries to communications itself. In the future 6G era, people will use "digital twins" to record and reproduce every moment in our physical and biological worlds.

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02. New features given to 6G networks

The first is a new type of human-machine interface that supports collaboration between device clusters; the second is ubiquitous general computing that integrates local and cloud; the third is a new mixed reality experience based on multi-sensor data fusion; the fourth is the ability to perform precise sensing and feedback on the physical world control.

03. Drive 6G in the era of artificial intelligence

With the rapid iteration and vigorous development of artificial intelligence technology, AI will also become the driving force of the underlying technological changes of the 6G new air interface and new networks, providing people with a new perspective to examine existing data and computing resources, and greatly improving future networks performance.

04. Six 6G technologies

5G communication sets three key performance indicators: data rate/throughput/capacity, delay, and evolution based on 5G technology. These three performance indicators continue to apply to 6G networks. Among them, three new 6G key performance indicators are: precision and accuracy: using communication networks for positioning and perception will become an important function of 6G networks. Adaptive and response time: In the 6G era, distributed artificial intelligence technology will be widely used in various network components, making network automation the norm. Terminal equipment: The terminal equipment in the 6G era will undergo revolutionary changes.

05. 6G potential technology

In the "6G Communication White Paper", 6G technology directions and fields are mentioned, including new spectrum resources and spectrum sharing methods; positioning, sensing, and traditional communication network functions are integrated, and the ultimate network with ultra-low latency and ultra-high-definition reliability; access network New network architecture design integrated with core network, new security and privacy strategy.

With the continuous development of science and technology, the in-depth integration of new technology and communication technology, new applications continue to emerge. The future 6G era will be a brand new and beautiful era, let us wait and see!

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