Is it necessary to use a drone jammer?

Is it necessary to use a drone jammer?

Now with the advancement of technology, some unscrupulous people use drones to fly black and secretly take some personal privacy, which seriously affects the privacy and security of citizens. Everyone's privacy should be protected. The phrase "it took pictures of our home clearly" came from countless people, and this kind of behavior is a provocation to the privacy of citizens. So where do you start to control the "black flight" of drones? Is it through state administrative means or some high-tech means.

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The UAV jammer is to stop the "black flight" of the UAV through technical means. The emergence of UAV jammers has also paved the way for the stable development of the UAV industry in the future, so that the flight of UAVs is restricted, so that standardized navigation can be carried out. The uav jammer collects information through the detection of the target drone, and judges the frequency band of the signal transmission between the drone and the operator for drone countermeasures. The UAV jammer suppresses the UAV signal transmission by signal suppression, forcing the UAV signal to be interrupted, so that the UAV cannot continue to operate, and has achieved the purpose of UAV countermeasures.

Drones are a very good product, but while benefiting the people, it is inevitable that they will be used by unscrupulous people for things that are not conducive to society. Use drone jammers to protect privacy, so that people's privacy will not be violated, and drones will sail in accordance with the rules.

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