Is it necessary to set up a UAV countermeasure system?

Is it necessary to set up a UAV countermeasure system?

With the continuous change of the times, the low-altitude airspace of the country has been opened, and the application of drones has increased in many aspects. Unscrupulous manufacturers abuse drones, and accidents caused by drone "black flights" have been common so far. At the airport, you should often encounter drone interference that causes flight delays. Therefore, some companies have decided to use drone countermeasures and set up restricted no-fly zones for drone countermeasures.

The drone countermeasure system uses various methods such as radio and radar to lock the position of the drone for drone countermeasures. Once the location of the UAV is detected by the UAV countermeasure system, the system will build a wall to cut off the connection between the UAV and the remote control, and the UAV can only be forced to land or return to the ground, achieving the goal of invincibility. The purpose of the human-machine countermeasure system is to ensure the safety of the low-altitude airspace.

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Analysis and principle of UAV countermeasures

The principle of UAV countermeasures is to suppress the control signal by transmitting high-performance interference signals in the same frequency band to the UAV after sending high-power interference information to the UAV. Interfering with the sensor, connection and positioning system of the target drone, and shielding the signal of the drone, the drone and the remote control cannot receive the signal of the other party. Some drones will initiate an error handling mechanism, or return after a signal. At present, my country's uav jammer equipment has multi-band signal jamming technology.

To counter the UAV, first find the UAV and locate the location of the UAV, and then interfere with the UAV through signals. There are many ways to find UAVs, usually using radar detection, radio detection, photoelectric tracking and other technologies. When the UAV counters, no matter what the situation is, as long as the UAV transmits the corresponding frequency band and can also receive it, when it is seen, intercept and shield it to ensure the success of the UAV countermeasure.

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