Interfering device usage is increasing in the United States

Interfering device usage is increasing in the United States

Many Catholics and representatives of other Christian doctrines around the world took a breathless look at the chapel of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican and elected a new pope. The auditorium started on March 12th. Probably the most interesting and safest auditorium for a long time. This is the first time a truly important event has received a great deal of attention in information security. The entire Sistine Chapel and Santa Maria's living area are equipped with sabotage devices to prevent information leaks. These special cell phone blocker were installed to prevent 115 cardinals who participated in the election from using the latest radio equipment and to block surveillance and wiretapping equipment in churches and Santa Maria residences. .. All employees and cardinals have vowed not to disseminate all the information that happened during the election process and meetings, but they still have no right and no right to use interfering devices for communication.

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Today, drone issues are designed to carry out missions on the battlefield, and as an offensive force in the war on terrorism, these issues are already imminent in the United States. As you know, recently, US Senators have blocked the CIA's election for a new prime minister, and the new chair is probably John Brennan. On Wednesday, March 7, when Congress had to appoint John Brennan as the new CIA director, Republican representatives from Rand Paul, Kentucky adopted a postponement process.

Paul said he would try to do so last week. He made this decision because the Barack Obama government will use these remote-controlled drones domestically and in other countries to run American citizens' households. monitor. These "predator" drones were originally designed for combat operations, perform reconnaissance missions in other countries, and now track US citizens in the country. These drones track armed civilians and use cell phone tower triangulation to track their location. The US Department of Homeland Security noted that these measures significantly reduce the risk of terrorism and other crimes associated with the illegal use of firearms. However, lawyers have responded to this decision, stating that it violates the right to privacy of US citizens. Many Americans now buy portable jammer to prevent themselves from being suddenly monitored. is a high quality jammer online store.

We are encountering cases where employers collect information and frequently try to monitor their employees. That's why I decided to pay attention to this issue today and show readers why employers violate the law, why employers try to monitor you, and how to protect yourself from harm.

Looking at the latest statistics, we found that many employers use special jamming devices to track their employees. Last year, the number of dismissals due to Internet activities such as social networking increased, and employees are feeling uncomfortable in the office. According to statistics, almost one-third of employees suspect that their employer is watching him. Top executives and scientists tend to be skeptical, and the higher the employee's salary, the easier it seems to be suspicious of him.

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