Installing cell phone signal jammers is a student's responsibility

Installing cell phone signal jammers is a student's responsibility

With the development of market economy and advancement of science and technology, mobile phones are becoming more and more popular and their functions are becoming more and more powerful. While mobile phones bring us convenience, they also bring us a lot of trouble. The report said, “In class, students answer the phone, or use their mobile phones to surf the Internet, chat, play games, etc. It is a serious phenomenon. During exams, some students also use mobile phones to cheat, such as using mobile phones to answer papers for classmates, using mobile phones to check answers online, etc. .Many students post online during class time. This situation has caused interference to classroom teaching activities. Only by eliminating all difficulties and maintaining normal teaching order can we ensure the quality of teaching and live up to students, parents and society. The expectations placed on students from all walks of life.

The phenomenon of playing with mobile phones in class has turned the classroom into the intersection of various information in real society and cyberspace. In an environment like a student dormitory, under the impact of various information, emotions can easily become impetuous. After the cell phone jammer is installed, external information cannot enter, and the classroom becomes an independent space, restoring its proper functions, and students can concentrate on classroom interaction with the teacher. Therefore, the mobile phone signal jammer blocks impetuousness and leaves tranquility.

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Installing a cell phone signal jammer is not an easy task. According to reports, the range of the mobile phone signal jammer blocking the signal is limited to the classroom. As long as you leave the classroom, the mobile phone signal will be restored. In order to ensure that students' health is not affected, the school attaches great importance to product quality. The "interference sources" installed belong to electromagnetic radiation, comply with relevant standards, and will not affect the human body. Many schools and examination rooms are already using qualified products. It is obvious that the school is very serious when doing this and is responsible for its students.

The scope of the signal jammer for sale is limited to the classroom, indicating that the school's behavior is moderate and will not affect students' freedom of communication and expression. The exercise of any right has boundaries and must not harm the rights of others and public interests. The freedom of communication and expression enjoyed by citizens in accordance with the constitution and law cannot exceed its due scope. If students playing with mobile phones in the classroom affects the normal teaching order and exceeds the scope of their rights, they should be restricted.

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