In the future, 5G will be fully covered, can 4G networks still be used?

In the future, 5G will be fully covered, can 4G networks still be used?

1. What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile communications. It is a new generation of broadband mobile communications technology featuring high speed, low latency and large connections. It is a network infrastructure for the interconnection of man-machine-things.

2. How to understand "5G changes society"?

5G really means the interconnection of all things. It allows the entire communications industry to transform from the connection between people to the connection between people and things and the connection between things and things, which can give birth to many interesting scenarios. 5G is an era of Internet of Everything.

3. How fast is 5G?

5G speed will be the first intuitive experience for many ordinary users, and the peak rate of downloading data can reach 20GB per second. But "fast" is not the essence of the 5G era.

5G is not only a new generation of mobile communication technology, but also a new type of network. 5G technology can have a profound and lasting impact on many industries, and will redefine economic competitiveness and change society. For example, scenes such as three-dimensional video, ultra-high-definition video, cloud work, cloud entertainment, augmented reality, autonomous driving, and remote surgery are inseparable from the blessing of 5G.

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And all we can imagine is just the tip of the iceberg. Just as when 4G first appeared, many people questioned that if you can access the Internet, send text messages quickly, and make phone calls, what is the use of an additional mobile Internet? Facts have proved that the changes brought about by the development of mobile Internet have gone beyond. Our imagination.

4. In the future, 5G will be fully covered, can 4G networks still be used?

The 4G network of the communication operator is very mature, and it is estimated that the 4G network can still be used in the next ten years or even longer. Although 5G technology has improved compared with 4G, it has not achieved that quality improvement. Of course, with the large-scale construction of 5G base stations until they reach saturation, with the stimulation of big data and new technologies, 5G users and 4G users will reach a balance.

At present, people all over the world see that 5G is good, and some people are enjoying a good 5G life. Now that 5G base stations are under accelerated construction, there are still many advantages of 5G that we can’t feel at present, but the future can be expected!

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