Implement drone jammer countermeasures to avoid the risk of drone "black flying"

Implement drone jammer countermeasures to avoid the risk of drone "black flying"

In recent years, the drone market has been expanding, and it is widely used in disaster relief, aerial photography, power inspection, express logistics, remote sensing mapping, agricultural plant protection, news reporting, express logistics, and other fields. However, the risks faced by the use of drones should not be underestimated. Whether it is the drone itself, or the safety accident caused by the improper control of the ground personnel, it may cause personal safety and property damage. The UAV jammer countermeasure technology, as the most conventional means to avoid UAV risks, also plays a great role.

Because drones are easy to cause damage during flight, in order to avoid accidents, some areas have to set up "no-fly zones". It is impossible to pass further through the "no-fly zone", thus protecting the safety of the area. No matter what brand of UAV, the navigation and the operator are inseparable from the support of wireless signals, and the UAV jammer countermeasure technology uses the signal to interfere and block the intruding UAV. counter.

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As a high-tech enterprise researching drone jammer countermeasure technology, topsignaljammer Technology Co., Ltd. mainly aims at the "black flying" phenomenon of UAVs, and establishes a feasible UAV jammer countermeasure method, so as to truly reduce the number of accidents caused by UAVs. harm caused.

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