How to use the communication jammer car to achieve the best effect

How to use the communication jammer car to achieve the best effect

The communication jammer vehicle is a device specially designed to interrupt the enemy's communication, and it needs to be used with caution. Here are the steps and dos and don'ts for using a comm jammer cart for best results:

1. Fixed site:

(1) Professionals use a spectrum analyzer to accurately detect the frequency of wireless signals on the control site in advance, and then adjust the output frequency of each frequency band of the communication jammer vehicle according to the data, so that the output of each frequency band of the communication signal scrambler vehicle can The signal is more targeted, and the frequency band module plays the greatest role in the field of use.

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(2) Park the communication jammer vehicle at a higher position, when the antenna is raised, the shielding signal will cover a larger area.

2. Mobile site:

(1) The output frequency of each module is adjusted to ensure that the output frequency of all modules can be seamlessly connected, except for the reserved frequency for internal personnel communication.

(2) When driving at high speed, intersperse the communication jammer vehicles in the middle of the convoy. If there are many vehicles, it is recommended to use multiple communication jammer vehicles together.

3. Determine the target: Before using the communication jammer vehicle, you need to determine the communication target you want to interrupt. This could be enemy radio communications, satellite communications, or even telephone communications. Once you identify your goals, you can better plan your actions.

4. Check the equipment: Before using the communication jammer vehicle, it is necessary to check whether the equipment is operating normally. Check whether key components such as power supply, antenna, and communication module work normally. If the equipment is damaged or malfunctions, it needs to be repaired or replaced in time.

5. Choose a location: When using the communication jammer vehicle, you need to choose a suitable location. The position should be close to the target communication device, and can cover its own whereabouts. It is best to choose a location such as a high ground or the top of a building, so that the signal transmission is more stable.

6. Start jamming: After starting the communication jammer vehicle, jamming operation is required. Interference operations can be continuous or intermittent. When performing interference operations, it is necessary to pay close attention to the working status of the equipment, and adjust the interference intensity and frequency as needed.

7. Adjust parameters: The effect of the communication jammer car is closely related to its parameter settings. The parameters need to be adjusted according to the actual situation to achieve the best effect. For example, adjustments can be made according to the communication frequency, or according to the characteristics of the target device.

8. Be vigilant against countermeasures: using a communication jammer vehicle may cause the opponent's countermeasures. Therefore, you need to be vigilant during use and be ready to deal with the opponent's countermeasures at any time.

In short, the use of communication jammer vehicles requires caution, consideration of various factors, and continuous adjustment and improvement in actual operation. Only in this way can we achieve the best effect and effectively interrupt the communication of the other party.

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