How to use interference signal jammers properly?

How to use interference signal jammers properly?

How to use interference signal jammers reasonably to reduce interference to other signals?

When using some signal jammer type equipment in daily life, it is necessary not to interfere with communications in other places. The use of these signal shielding products must be reasonable and compliant to ensure that signal shielding needs and other communication requirements are met. Many people should be very clear that mobile phone communications are transmitted through base station signals. Domestic mobile phone signal coverage is relatively high. The three major state-owned operators are sparing no effort to build base stations and other infrastructure to enhance mobile phone signal coverage. , enabling people to receive mobile phone signals in a timely manner and complete signal transmission anytime and anywhere.

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What the interference jammer does is to block base station signals in a certain frequency band and within a certain area, so that mobile phone communication equipment within the range of the interference jammer cannot transmit signals. Generally speaking, jammers are mainly targeted at prisons, public security, military areas, schools, courts and other places.

When using a portable jammer, it must be reasonable and compliant. It is not advisable to interfere with the normal signal communication of others in order to meet the needs of personal signal shielding. When choosing an interference jammer, you must choose a professional shielding manufacturer. This will not only improve the effectiveness of the jammer, but also ensure subsequent technical support and product maintenance.

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