Can I use my mobile phone to control the jammer?

Can I use my mobile phone to control the jammer?

There are many types and styles of signal blocker nowadays. After selecting and installing the interference jammer, some customers put forward certain requirements for the startup and shutdown functions of the equipment. This is not satisfied with the conventional hardware switch. Turning on and off the device, so the question came up: Is there a jammer that can be controlled by a mobile phone?

If we only look at the remote power-on and power-off functions of the signal interference jammer through mobile phone software, there are already many shielding devices with such functions. This is an interference jammer with a networked communication module. They can realize centralized power-on or shutdown functions through networking. What's more, they can remotely switch on or off any module in the shielding device.

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However, what needs to be explained here is that all signal interference jammers with network functions currently on the market have three main networking modes: the first is network networking through the TCP/IP protocol, and the second is It is the serial and parallel connection method of 485 serial port protocol. The third method is to transmit control signals from the power line through power carrier. The first two methods require separate control cable layout, while the third method uses existing power supply cables.

After several signal interference jammers are connected to the network, the control software can be installed on a PC or mobile phone. The customer's wish to control the switch jammer through mobile phone software can naturally be realized.

However, what customers need to know is: if you use mobile phone software to control the startup and shutdown of shielding equipment, you must know the location and environment of yourself and your mobile phone, and never be in the area covered by the shielding signal of the cell phone jammer. , otherwise, it is easy to use a mobile phone to turn on the shielding device, but once the interference jammer is turned on, your mobile phone will be blocked by the signal, which will make it impossible to shut down the shielding device through the mobile phone software in this situation.

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