How to test the effect of mobile phone signal jammer?

How to test the effect of mobile phone signal jammer?

It is very important to ensure whether the cell phone blocker can truly effectively block mobile phone signals. When purchasing a mobile phone signal jammer, testing is a very important step.

The first thing to do is to test the blocking distance of the mobile phone signal jammer. Don’t just try it with one or two network mobile phones and then just try it. During the exam, cheating candidates use different mobile phone networks, especially 4G mobile networks (4G networks use broadband high-speed transmission, and if the mobile phone signal jammer is not powerful enough, it may not be able to block 4G).

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Therefore, it is necessary to find all the network mobile phones of the current mobile communication providers before testing, and ensure that each mobile phone network can meet the minimum requirement of one classroom to be considered successful. After turning on the phone to test the blocking effect, be sure to ensure that there is no signal on the mobile phone within half an hour. Appears sometimes and sometimes not.

Another important point is that if it is a signal jammer for sale with a metal shell, touch the front and rear sides of the fuselage with your hands after turning it on for an hour. If the temperature is moderate and not hot, there will be no problem. If it is very hot, it will not pass. As the machine continues to heat up, it will As a result, the power of the masker is attenuated, it cannot work stably, and burns may easily occur.

You must have learned a lot about the points mentioned above. I hope that the points mentioned above by topsignaljammer can help you detect the results.

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