How to make reasonable use of drone jammers?

How to make reasonable use of drone jammers?

In recent years, science and technology have made qualitative progress, especially the leadership of the drone industry, which has many great development prospects. At the same time, there are a lot of drones, and they are being used maliciously. They carry cameras, weapons, toxic chemicals and explosives and are widely used in terrorist attacks, espionage and smuggling. Since drones have committed numerous "criminal evidence" in various places, which seriously disrupted the normal order of society and caused a waste of resources, sanctions were continued for drone interference. Based on this principle, drone jammers were born.


During operation, the drone jammer will emit a radio signal of the same frequency as the drone, disconnect or suppress the GPS signal and Beidou through the drone jamming, disconnect the drone from the operator signal, and allow The drone floats, returns, flees or falls. The most commonly used decoy technique is drone jamming based on the direct forward of the signal carrier, the level of failure may cause some damage to the other party's equipment. GPS spoofing is the drone jammer sending false geographical coordinates to control the navigator, so that the drone flies to the wrong location, as long as the signal on the ground is strong enough to cover the actual signal in space, it will successfully deceive the drone machine, so that the UAV jamming is successful. When drones enter important equipment and facilities such as no-fly zones and confidential places, drone jammers can be used.

The progress of society has promoted the development of drone technology, but the "black flight" of drones and drone accidents occur frequently. How to rationally use and effectively manage UAVs is a long-term task, and relevant UAV jammers can also impose some sanctions, which will gradually play their role in the future.

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