How to do a good job in the confidentiality of corporate meeting rooms?

How to do a good job in the confidentiality of corporate meeting rooms?

If an important meeting is leaked, the company will suffer irreparable losses, both economically and strategically. The confidentiality of the confidential meeting is prepared in advance to make arrangements for the confidential meeting room. In order to ensure the safety of the company’s secrets, the organizer of the confidential meeting, Before the meeting, it is necessary to make serious preparations for confidentiality or to arrange the "secret meeting room signal shielding instrument" in the meeting room. First, the degree of confidentiality of the meeting must be properly assessed. The assessment is mainly based on the confidentiality level involved in the meeting content. Meetings involving the company's core secrets are confidential meetings, meetings involving important company secrets are confidential meetings, and meetings involving general company secrets are ordinary secret meetings.

Develop meeting confidentiality plans and measures

It mainly includes: qualification review of participants, communication management during the meeting, meeting documents and requirements for communicating the spirit of the meeting, etc. Conduct security inspections on the venue. A safe and reliable meeting place is an indispensable and important condition for a good secret meeting. The meeting place must be carefully selected and carefully surveyed before the meeting, and guards can be set up if necessary. It is necessary to strengthen the confidentiality management of various documents printed before the meeting, and pay attention to their own anti-eavesdropping and security measures!

Pay attention to the three working principles

First, the attendees shall conduct confidentiality education, including the awareness of confidentiality, the basic requirements and methods of confidentiality, so that the participants can establish a high degree of confidentiality responsibility and consciously keep the company's secrets.

Second, strict confidentiality and discipline, do not say what you shouldn’t say, don’t watch what you shouldn’t watch, don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask, don’t bring irrelevant people into the venue, don’t leak meeting content to the outside, don’t copy or transcribe at will Meeting documents, the meeting clearly stipulates that it is not allowed to record privately if it is not recorded, not to discuss the content of the meeting in private or non-secret calls, not to read the meeting documents or discuss the content of the meeting in non-secret places, not to bring meeting documents out without authorization, and news organizations are not allowed without approval Enter the conference venue for interviews or reports.

Third, the security technology used is mainly anti-eavesdropping technology, anti-candid photography technology, anti-microcomputer radiation technology,signal interference technology, and so on.

Office automation has been popularized in government agencies, enterprises and institutions. While improving work efficiency, it also brings new problems to the confidentiality work of units. Various incidents of leaking and stealing secrets through office equipment frequently occur. How to strengthen the management of office automation equipment has become an issue that cannot be ignored in the confidential work of the company's daily work. Although most hidden eavesdropping devices or "bugs" use technology that makes it difficult for people to detect, most of the eavesdroppers are relatively easy to detect because of their dependence on power and radio/mobile phone signals. 

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